Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Song ahhh back to school~

I have Nick's class!!!
YAY!! YAY!!!
3 months no see oredi,
he is still the old humorous, responsible Nick
who give me the motivation to study throughout the last whole semester...
I think all of us are lucky to be taught by him...

I have "HBC331 Taxation Issue & Planning" this sem with him
Today in first lecture,
he said,
"I cannot tolerate lazy n micromanage students in my class..."
hmm, seems that i have to change my habit a bit liao...
i dun wan to be dislike by him la..
of course i wan to do well in my subject too ^_^
dunno wat is micromanage yet,
going to find out...
but taxation,
although i heard that it is difficult,
and has got thick (+expensive) textbook,
i like it though...
hope i can do it well too...
My assignment pair up with miss pretty-Naomi...
i also hope that i can do well n dun bring trouble to others
God bless me!

Sad to noe that Halinna decided to stop study n went to work oredi...
She is now working in Brunei,
left only 5 subjects to take ler...
y wan to give up?
sad... i noe she is even more sad than me la...

Class from 830 to 930 only...
its Mr Rodney's eMarketing
n i was late for almost one hour!
when i arrived,
they are oredi registering the tutorial
Luckily i still get the tute i wan...
Mr Rodney oweys come to my shop to buy things..
he is also a funny n cute lecturer,
i have wanted him to teach me long time ago lor...
he has a good reputation
Then later I went shopping with my xiao mei...
Go Boulevard shop for judieth's present (owe her long enough liao lo XD)
Shun bian visit my frens there n buy some necessities for my family...
Haha, bought a lot of things...
n got a Body Glove t-shirt for Judieth,
so chun got promotion..
going to buy one for myseelf also liao..
miss Boulevard so muchieee XD

Company Law is Ayappan!
still ok la...
I need to work hard on this liao...
first day oredi rmb wrong lecture time...
i thought CL is 1030 to 1230,
then i arrive school at 11am
= ="
then i met Ayappan outside lobby,
then i greet him n ask,
"Mr Ayappan,
u r late for lecture also?"
then he say,
"no my lecture starts at 1230",
then i say,
"Company Law bor? not 1030 meh?"
he replied me,
"no, u r in my class too?"
paiseh nya...
but good la i wasn't late for his lecture
got 3 lines on u ppl's head kah? XD

Have Kueh Char Nee's class,
she is a frenly lecturer,
oweys give me a big smile whenever i have eye contact with her..
teaching me ACA,
ACA is similar to MDM,
i m liking this subject,
assignment pair up with ah yieng n judieth,
we must jia you jia you do it well!
thats all my lecture for first week...
Swinburne looks new!!!
haha excited

updating soon~

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