Friday, April 24, 2009

Habitat for Humanity project

I did sth very meaningful few days ago...
Joined the house building project organised by HFH club in Swinburne..
Experienced hardship...
Got sunburn n muscle pain...
but get back more than that...
Commitment, Fulfilment n Contented
The house got our sweat bor...
First time jadi buruh like this...
Cant imagine those workers at construction site there actually do this everyday...
No wonder they can eat so much rice..
I go back also eat super banyak de lor..
but still din become fat...
so song la!

Show u all the pictures of us doing hard works...

even so,
we also have time to pose and take pic one...
the "shi fu"(a.k.a. Mr. Eric) is a funny person.
He sacrificed his original job and change to this field,
earning less than last time,
just because he enjoy the fulfilment in helping people...
Salute him lo!
Not many people can do that~

Posing pictures!

That's a very enjoyable experience. The activity become lots more meaningful with those happy times with frens too! These are stored in my brain's hard disc oredi n will be kept forever...
Nice to noe such a bunch of frens... All of them are engineering students except me n judieth lor... Even those lengluis u see, they are all taking engineering oh... Geng ma? >.<

Emm, still got many assignments to do gok. Must finish it! jia you jia you!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Show them ur love!

Recently has been happening so many things...
Good things bad things all got.
I hope those bad de wont come again.
Frens are about helping each others, this is very true.
But how many people can do this when it comes to sacrificing his or her own benefit le? If helping people will make urself tired and angry and sacrifice ur own time for other things, will u be happy and willing to do that?
Not many can do it, so we cant say people wat also.
But the frens who is asking for help also must be responsible for his duty la.
Also hard for some people also.
Anyways, we have to love our frens.
I have oweys failed to be a good fren, good daughter, n good sister. Hoping that one day i can change better la..

For family ler, or ur loved ones, we can understand each other better by accompanying them doing the things they like. This is wat i learn recently too. Which i found that its meaningful and really applicable in our life. If we are willing to spend time on understanding someone, u can find that u cant really hate or dislike someone lo. See, there is a father who loves his daughter very much. Her daughter likes to read bridal magazines (still small kid), she oweys wan her father accompany her. Her father although does not like doing that, still accompany her and tell her his opinion about the dress. Soemtimes he will comment on the dress if it is too sexy. Then when time passed by, the girl grow big and never wear too sexy clothes, always weat smart smart and lady style. She said that she remember all the times that her father gave her and the value has rooted in her mind oredi. If her father dint spend time with her, din care wat she thinks, the little girl will be different today. So, from now on, spend time with ur loved ones, and understand them more by doing wat they likes to do. One day they will appreciate it. =D
Anyway, everyone jia you jia you to be a better person bah. ^^

Today I went to Habitat For Humanity's house building project at batu kawa there. We are building house for real people to live eh!! It is a 2 days project. TOday feel so so so tired but fulfilled. My skin become darker lor.. Pimple also come out few, freckles more serious! Lolzzz.
However, i m so happy and satisfied with my job. We are showing our concern to the needed ones. We are contributing to the society! That's a good motive right?
Well done everyone! XD
More news will be updated after tomoro's project. Put photos tomoro.. oredi upload to facebook oredi very lihai liao. ^__^

Monday, April 20, 2009

Eating week - Part 2

Part 2 eating is actually on Sunday, my dad wanted to go Australia. ans before he left kuching, he brought us out for lunch and we can choose where to eat!!! XD
There we go, Manhattan Fish Market... At first wan eat Sushi King de, but never try Fish Market before so we change restaurant last minute. ^^v Bro, baba, mama, susan, n stephanie.

My baba n mama...

My dear didi n mei mei...

This things is nice!!! XD

My bro oweys dun wan take photo de >.<

Fish ^^

Really like thick thick punya ice cream ler.... Miss it so much XD

Caesar Salad! This is really the best salad we ever eat.. The orange colour one is crispy bread lai de. The vege is so ngam with the cream. Tastes good. Can have a try~

Got sotong ring, fish, mussels, fried prawn, french fries and rice de 2 person set. (all nice except the rice >.<") Got see the 3 sauces at the side? Perfect with the set meal!

Enjoying themselves~

My baba n mama too! ^^

This is my youngest sis de favourite! She finished it all.. hoho.. coz that is the only food not causing fat.

This is second set for 2 de. Notice, if u order this one, the waiter will barbeque the prawn in front of u! XD so nice. but its too fast, cant manage to take pic of it.. Its same set with the previous one, just that this prawn is barbequed instead of fried. Only got 4 prawns, and my dad gave them to 4 of us, each got one but he n mama dun have lor.. Eat the prawn with full of gratefulness, and gandong-ness..

Looks like not attractive fish right? Actually is nice hor! Only the rice not nice... Hehe, maybe coz its keras.. >.<

Mine... My baba gave de..

This is my order! The cheesy seafood spaghetti. Forgot its name le, but its cheesy! my dad n sis also come kiap some to eat.. =P

Before kena stir up is like this lor.
Me drinking the "ice cream". Happy~ XD Looks so fat de me.. T.T

Go home lur... Thanks baba for the treat! Long time din eat together in one family like this liao lor... My dad was nearly getting angry there, coz he is impatient and waited us for a while. But we saw that he was trying to control his temper. Never did he try to do this to us. I think he dun wan to spoil everyone's mood. He really changed a lot, my father. There is no occassion or celebration, but its special n memorable for me. ^_^
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