Friday, April 17, 2009

Eating Week! Part 1

This week the routine lunch is at BDC there de "Shuang Tien" steamboat. Buffet style steamboat (got ice cream oh!!!), cincai u eat wat also can with just RM18 per person. The foods quite nice also lor... Got barbeque de. I like the blackpepper and red colour de lamb meat. N 3 layer meat also!! Dint expect that me n ah yieng can finish a big portion of 3 plates those things! XD Then I still got scoop ice cream again! So fun. N the ice cream that night dunno the worker refill le how many times.. Too laku oredi. Gotta learn the skill de ok.. Can sell RM10++ eh.. >.<" These are the pictures taken... Everyone is required to wear pink that night, only ah yieng and eric is not guai, ehem ehem..

All pinky de... Actually i think Wee Chung's pink colour is very nice. Bright enough. XD But guess that guys dun like to wear this colour hor? Guys should wear more pink colour lahh.. Like gentleman ler!! Haha, if u r man enough, wearing pink does not makes u looks sissy or 娘娘腔 de.

Toilet picture for girlsssss!

Our sweet couple that night. They are really cute pair of couples. hehe
Both doing funny faces when eating ICE CREAM!! Mine got 2 scoops strawberry n 3 scoops yam de... =DGuess wat happens here? I kena butter on my face. ~.~" But this photo seems got other meaning lor... So many comments on facebook... 18SX

This is Ah Yieng's creation, butter fried egg. So many orders to make... Haha.. Very guai de guys, all wear pink

So nice this picture, so sayang abubu din come in... he hide dunno go where liao..

I nearlylost my hp here that night... >.<" take picture until forgot ki.. My W380i~ Phew, lucky me. Still think that Alfred and Ah Yieng kacau-ing me that time lor.. lolz... Then in the end I dint take it seriously. Just discovered that that is not a joke before leaving... Thanks my fren, who helped me that time... And I really will remember this lesson de lahh... ^^" Part 1 published first... After steamboat still went new opened Starbucks at Jalan Song there to celebrate someone's birthday. Now I go sleep first liao.. To be continued...


This is a Wednesday I think, me n Judieth and Grace went to McD for that RM 5.95 lunch set. I think this is 2nd time go eat with Grace. (First time at Jalan Song, Joyce still here that time... so long liao le)
Then that girl said she will bring us good luck... Mana tau really can order tiok McChicken eh, quite lucky lah... haha.. We went there few times McChicken oredi sold out. First time still available. Hehe, sot sot de us...
Photos (McD):

I hate my face so big! but still like take picture... lolzzzz
My fries is longer than hers! XD
See Judieth so stylishh hor?
This girl's name is Grace Tan, who claims that she looks like Xuan Xuan from HongKong. =P Hope we can go out makan again next time ya Grace! ^__^

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