Monday, April 20, 2009

Eating week - Part 2

Part 2 eating is actually on Sunday, my dad wanted to go Australia. ans before he left kuching, he brought us out for lunch and we can choose where to eat!!! XD
There we go, Manhattan Fish Market... At first wan eat Sushi King de, but never try Fish Market before so we change restaurant last minute. ^^v Bro, baba, mama, susan, n stephanie.

My baba n mama...

My dear didi n mei mei...

This things is nice!!! XD

My bro oweys dun wan take photo de >.<

Fish ^^

Really like thick thick punya ice cream ler.... Miss it so much XD

Caesar Salad! This is really the best salad we ever eat.. The orange colour one is crispy bread lai de. The vege is so ngam with the cream. Tastes good. Can have a try~

Got sotong ring, fish, mussels, fried prawn, french fries and rice de 2 person set. (all nice except the rice >.<") Got see the 3 sauces at the side? Perfect with the set meal!

Enjoying themselves~

My baba n mama too! ^^

This is my youngest sis de favourite! She finished it all.. hoho.. coz that is the only food not causing fat.

This is second set for 2 de. Notice, if u order this one, the waiter will barbeque the prawn in front of u! XD so nice. but its too fast, cant manage to take pic of it.. Its same set with the previous one, just that this prawn is barbequed instead of fried. Only got 4 prawns, and my dad gave them to 4 of us, each got one but he n mama dun have lor.. Eat the prawn with full of gratefulness, and gandong-ness..

Looks like not attractive fish right? Actually is nice hor! Only the rice not nice... Hehe, maybe coz its keras.. >.<

Mine... My baba gave de..

This is my order! The cheesy seafood spaghetti. Forgot its name le, but its cheesy! my dad n sis also come kiap some to eat.. =P

Before kena stir up is like this lor.
Me drinking the "ice cream". Happy~ XD Looks so fat de me.. T.T

Go home lur... Thanks baba for the treat! Long time din eat together in one family like this liao lor... My dad was nearly getting angry there, coz he is impatient and waited us for a while. But we saw that he was trying to control his temper. Never did he try to do this to us. I think he dun wan to spoil everyone's mood. He really changed a lot, my father. There is no occassion or celebration, but its special n memorable for me. ^_^


Dr BaLaNTui 蝌蚪 said...

wa wa wa!!!
so they was SIA family!!

shirley said...

yeap! haha... XD

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