Thursday, April 09, 2009

Good Things Always Come Together?

Yesterday 2 things make me very very happy happened...
Good thing no.1, my dad gave me a laptop to use! Finally~
I need a laptop so that its more convenient to do assignment (*to blog n chat also XD) together n discuss with frens ma. So I told my dad n wanted to borrow his laptop to school for one day.
Then he start scolding me...
Pick out my bad habits and say me lo...
Then I say,"aiya nvm la.."
We remained silent for so long until nearly reach home.
He baru said, "later u go save my things in my hard disk then the laptop u take it"
"but u must promise me to discipline urself ah"
I just replied an "oh".
Honestly I was overwhelmed with happiness!
FINALLY! I got a personal laptop to use again!
I m going to download many many songs, save all my pictures, n do many many other things!

Good thing no.2, I fren back my sis n bro... ^^"
Actually before this i feel quite sad everytime I was at home...
Coz after quarrelled with my sis n bro I also dun feel comfortable
Just becoz of wat ego I din go say sorry to them
So we all dun talk to each other for 2 or 3 days (i think)
But after the good thing no.1, I m still in a good mood
so I volunteered to bring my bro to work n my sis to tuition
Then in the car they started talking n I joined also
The war ended
so happy
Still got half hour plus before her class starts,
n she said wan go shopping a while
I bought her a hp protector
n choose some Fox candies
she is so happy!
n we also exchanged our bag n sweater...
(our clothes n things oweys can use together de)
The day ended up so perfect, for me~

Maybe really good things always come together lo..
The most important thing is the way u look at things,
if u see everything also think is pretty or nice,
then mood also good,
which will cause a chain reaction in all the following choice u make,
n actions done...
Haha, logic? =P
Anyways, hope u all have a good day too~

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