Monday, April 06, 2009


Today finished Company Law test 1 lor!! I feel relieved...
I din manage to study everything...
Only spend 2 days reading,
its just so not enough...
Judieth was so hardworking and determined to do well this time...
Even having lunch at cafeteria she also flipping the book
asking Corina wat wat wat section is about wat wat wat de
I sit there eatting Tokiwado she also say me,
"fast fast read ah... u wan fail?"
But i cant eat sambil read de
very hard to absorb
so i dint read
haha XD
During exam i sit beside Judieth,
more convenient bah...
But I think this does not help much lor
coz during exam we also busy do on our own
only before passing up the paper got discuss a while nia...
not cheat la ho?
The test was difficult!
I m not expecting a good result oredi...
Coz Judieth told me that the case i wrote does not relate to the question....
N when Corina told us her answer,
I din wrote any of wat she had written..
Pray for me pls...

Anyway, after the test I m really exhausted...
Used up the brain too much
N I cant concntrate on the ACA lecture afterwards
Keep sms-ing
(Sorry Ms Kueh ^^")
Plus that Aida n Judieth keep kacao me de..
A while a while guci me, a while a while molest me...
Nearly make me scream out in the class
If this happen, its not fun oh...
Later u sendiri sia soi nia =P
Thats not a good example to follow
However Ms Kueh is still so nice towards us!
Really a very very friendly lady!
Its a fun lecture indeed! =D

This mama ah,
Suddenly call me n ask me go da pao
Say she dun wan cook tonight wor
Da pao dinner go back for my family...
6 bungkus ah!!
So the paiseh lo
Later ppl think i eat so many de
I ordered different things for them to choose
got 2 ppl din eat
(one eat outside with frens, one wan keep fit)
then i eat lo
but not all la
(hmph! next time i can no need da pao for them liao)
Going to do my tutorial questions for tomoro lur..
Later they say me only do Nick's tutorial...
See, I also do Ms Kueh's tutorial oh!

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