Thursday, May 28, 2009

taking leave~ ^^

just finished a presentation today!
no more assignments and test liao~
now only left final starting 16th of June...

i was so happy to noe my Company Law marks!!!
thks to Aida's note
but other 3 get only manage to pass de marks
quit game!!!
n ehem,

Langgar someone last saturday again...
now no car drive dy
as a consequence also need to work more to pay the debts
this time should take the responsibility and
really learn a painful lesson
thks for my bro n sister's support,
n Laura too ^^

Recently have been scolding Laura too much..
feel myself a bit bad
but Laura,
i noe u can do it!!
jia you ^^
today wear so smart n lady lor

this blog was abandoned for quite a while oredi...
i m taking a leave again
i m going to post on my puppies pic n some cute stories about them


Eric said...

Aiyoyo.. Who so brave to langgar you?

~Laura~ said...

How's ur company law's test oh??? U sure u will quit game? haha.. =P jia you oh... my support??? wad support ah?? Nways, no prob, jeje!
haha.. scoldin me? haha.. lol.. u blog it out? lol... aiks... i will try not to wear dat to sch again. haha.. bit short... ={

shirley said...

is me langgar him..

i get 25 out of 30!!
really wan chia that pauline eat liao..
lol u so many questions eh..
wear lahh.
nice ba =P

~Laura~ said...

congrats! =) wad so many questions? is my comment ok! haha.. =P *hugs!