Saturday, May 30, 2009

Unexpected call from India!!

Just now my fren called,
the one used to be my best fren back in Form 1-Form3 time.....
I also din notice the number calling in when i pick up the phone..
then when she said she is Jane
My first reaction is
but really is her lah...
A call from Mangalore!!!
Not bangalore o...
(Mangalore to Bangalore takes slightly longer time than from Sibu to Kuching)
so long din see liao still can talk like before~
unlike in msn,
actually i got her msn de,
but we oweys nothing much to chat about
macam hear each other's voice have more to talk de
is it becoz of voice or
use phone need money?
we share about studies,
old frens,
current life..
n some bagua
girls ma~
sure need bagua a bit de
i m glad that she is doing well there,
like wat i believe at first...
she got JPA scholarship and went to India to further her studies
study dentistry gok...
5 years!!!
i still promise her tat i will wait her to come back baru kahwin
normal girl i think wont be like her one,
I oweys admire her...
she make her own decision and fight for it...
then managed to go thru all the obstacles on her own,
(n with Jesus Christ la.. she is very faithful Christian)

One day I m going to India to visit her for sure~
Going to organise a trip some where in the future..

By the way, anyone wants to follow or any suggestions for holiday trip? ^^


rachelg said...

India so far lar wei......u sponsor? hehe =P

shirley said...

Ya, its far...
Need RM1800++ (cheapest) air ticket only..
u can afford de... =P

Eric said...

Apalah.. Say take leave..

shirley said...

now u is dun wan me come back is it? Leave also can 1 day only mahh..