Monday, June 29, 2009

New Home~ ^^v

This semester break only short short de 6 weeks~
I really wan to fill up all my time with work!!!
Give me 48 hours per day please!!

Dun wan to stay at home everyday liao
After exam go sing k dun let.
Wedding ceremony say boring no need go.
Fren's birthday also dun let me go.
compain is complain

The happiest thing happened recently is that I finally own a personal room!!
Got a bathroom attached with it too!
Spent 2 days moving all my belongings into Shirley's World~

Dun have much things to decorate it...
Found 2 poster that Joan gave me last time
One Piece n Tsubasa Chronicle de
Looks nice on my wall though
Last time no space to hang de jigsaw puzzle also now can put le
Its a sweet little cottage pic

Then I still got a little book shelf to put all my books
N my keyboard also moved in
Now i can spend all my free time here le

Last night went out with mum to buy air freshener
if not, got kitchen's smell
Now I still need a mirror
just dunno hang where is suitable lo
got many pantang
cannot hang opposite to the bed (床脚)

Now wan find ppl pei me every night
Last night is Susan
Tonight wan invite Stephanie
She seems like very irreluctant

Laura wan come?
(p/s: now i m talking with u on the phone o~ XD)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cute cousin

These few days i was so busy...
little cousin came back for holiday
A 10 yrs old naughty boy
I have not seen him for so long
since we moved to Kuching
Has been quite a while le

Seriously very make ppl LOL punya seh kia
Calvin Chee- hyper active, funny n cute
Play with him make us laugh until stomachache ki
Beh tahan ah..
me n my bro n sis take turn to play with him
he still not satisfied
midnight le still wan play
really restless kid

He likes to imitate ppl talk
Wan to kacao me n my sis talk lor
then we very clever
count 1,2,3 then start to talk together
make him dunno how to follow us talk

Play ping pong also lose him
Play basketball also lose =.=
He told my dad that i m so lauya
lose to a little kid ~.~
Not only that oh
say him funny he wan us say him cute
say him cute he say he is shuai
say him shuai he say he is cute
dun wan say liao

I teach him sign up for hotmail n facebook
his mum dun let him create facebook acc
then ask us teach him
now he has facebook liao

He very very like action
Fast get close to stranger also
Whenever he saw someone
first time see also will say, "helo!! long time no see!"
like tat
can u imagine?
make my dad n mum's fren all confused n laugh also
Even bring him out shopping ho,
he also cincai greet other children like tat..
but that is one thing make him so cute

But when i start my sem break
he will go back to Singapore liao
took some photos of him
lai let u see his happy face

last night took de photos
he dunno tat we r taking his pic
make so many funny faces

by the way,
last night we went Sushi King for our Father's day celebration..
ordered 2 sets of father's day set
super slow de
eat until full liao the 2 set oso not yet come out
happy hapy go there
make my dad also wait until mood not good ki
he left earlier by himself
dun have good ending for that night
but we all still have fun there la
coz got that xiao gui Calvin
whole sushi king our table is the noisiest one liao
cute fellow

BYE BYE!! >_<

Friday, June 05, 2009

Presentation day~

Not me lah
Wake up early today..
Just to go see Laura's presentation...
Was ready early but still late =P
Went in Lecture Theatre after 9am.
It was so cold inside...
That air cond keep blow to my face =.=
Watched Alfred's, Clarence's, Lin Shen's, n Laura's group.
Of course i will say Laura's group is the best lor...
I like funny presentation... ^^v
-In this lovely morning....
-Is this the Taipei 101 we r talking about today?
I also got chance to give marks for their performance oh~
Honestly, u all presenting this morning are great!!!
Engineering students just looks so pro bah~
Had fun there

The next thing after this we met Judieth in library,
This amoi just came back from Singapore last night~
Brought back so many chocolates n fish keropok for us
Make today in library so "re nao",
Full with so many munching noises,
N fill the library dustbin with chocolate wrappers~
All the chocolates i give out to u are sponsored by Miss Judieth yah
She was too shy to go distribute le
So she ask me help her give
N i really do my job well ^^v
(This is really not a very paiseh thing to do le)
I think all frens got receive le right?
Haha, she said if not enough she is going to "da pao" more in next trip to Singapore(30th June to 7th July)
ehem, Celebration oh, ehem cheap.. lolz

The chocolates all habis oredi...
First first thought will left some can take back de XD
Hershey's (Truffle?) dark chocolate!!!
All gone in a while..
We also got a pretty bracelet from her...
Hope this one wont break so easily again
Me(pink), Laura(many colours), Ah Yieng(white) n herself(purple)

Went Aunty's Corner for lunch today
Follow Soon Eng's car,
N we went to many places
(Aunty's Corner>McDonald>Secret Recipe>Girl's house>Swinburne)
so happy even though was late for tute =P
Coz we did sth that make a girl happy
Can u guess the story?

Gave Miss Kueh chocolates too~
She is a nice lecturer who oweys smile sweetly n gave us Golden Boronia's Nougat n sweets from Australia!!
Special eh? Jealous of us ma? =P

met the guy last time met in the badminton competition,
dunno wan go play badminton o not
long time no play liao lorr...
later play like dance =.=


My grandma is really getting old...
Wat a sad thing to tell...
My dad too...
My mum...
Dint realise when mum told me dad is almost 50 oredi
I m not feeling very comfortable with this statement....


Our target: Singapore & Perth!!! XD