Monday, June 29, 2009

New Home~ ^^v

This semester break only short short de 6 weeks~
I really wan to fill up all my time with work!!!
Give me 48 hours per day please!!

Dun wan to stay at home everyday liao
After exam go sing k dun let.
Wedding ceremony say boring no need go.
Fren's birthday also dun let me go.
compain is complain

The happiest thing happened recently is that I finally own a personal room!!
Got a bathroom attached with it too!
Spent 2 days moving all my belongings into Shirley's World~

Dun have much things to decorate it...
Found 2 poster that Joan gave me last time
One Piece n Tsubasa Chronicle de
Looks nice on my wall though
Last time no space to hang de jigsaw puzzle also now can put le
Its a sweet little cottage pic

Then I still got a little book shelf to put all my books
N my keyboard also moved in
Now i can spend all my free time here le

Last night went out with mum to buy air freshener
if not, got kitchen's smell
Now I still need a mirror
just dunno hang where is suitable lo
got many pantang
cannot hang opposite to the bed (床脚)

Now wan find ppl pei me every night
Last night is Susan
Tonight wan invite Stephanie
She seems like very irreluctant

Laura wan come?
(p/s: now i m talking with u on the phone o~ XD)

1 comment:

~Laura~ said...

er,.. i hope holiday faster ends wo.. haha.. =P Who is stephanie oh???

Yup.. i wan to go!!!! =P i bet we will pillow talkin till 6 in de morning.. haha... =P