Saturday, August 22, 2009


22th August 1.31pm
I found the dress for prom dy!! First time settle all my things so early. Thinking of dun wan to join the prom queen contest liao.. >.<"
Later still wan submit half body de photo to SSSC forum. Haiyo. Wan go kuching fest 2nd round de, tak jadi again. Wan eat fried bird la!!! Haha
Found some nice blog template while working on my subject blog. Maybe will change my blog layout soon~ ^_^

20th August 11.30pm
My last semester in Swinburne liao!!!
Just start the new semester and the most significant difference is the library!
How different leh?
Just the arrangement change nia la.. haha.. One eye can finish the whole library’s study area. Not like last time can hide at the back. Then hor, the library become quiet coz some ppl left for Australia loh… Miss u all lah… =X
In this last semester, I got somethings wanted to do.
1, Go prom night
2, Get good result
3, Go KL play

This year’s prom theme is “Mask”. Every participant must wear mask for the whole night. Many complaint that later cannot show their perfect make up or their dreamy eyes. Lol.. But I think it is a good idea! We can no need pakai make up de and pretend to be mysterious. XD

Then the prom king and queen got contest. Before got chosen, contestants need to be the top 5 in order to be eligible for the final round during Prom Night. The top 5 are those who can get the highest votes through the SSSC forum. We have to design our own mask and submit a photo of ourselves to be post on the forum. Sounds interesting right? I took part in that too~ Join together with my frens. We are hoping that it will be fun and it sure will be an unforgettable experience!

Yesterday went shopping for our prom dress at The Spring. I got myself a pair of heels instead! Never tried before that kind of heels, its 4 inches! Nearly fell over when tried on. If not my fren keep asking me to try, I will never buy that kind of heels one. Both of them looks great on that pattern of heels. There are great sales now at Lea Centre, Emilio Valentino n Charles & Keith. The new Cinema is launching soon also, on 8th of September if not wrong. They are selling member cards now (RM10 for application and RM100 to top up). Check it out at The Spring oh~ ;)
*Tomorrow going to shop over again~^_^ They said I will surely buy that dress if I saw it. Hmm, curious-ing. Haha.

I am taking Current Issue for this sem and am scared. God bless me in passing this subject! To do well in this CI, u have to prove this animal is a dog! This is what the lecturer told us in first lecture. Not easy oh… Haha.. International Business Law is close book test and the lecture is boring! I slept today. T_T Other two are e subjects which seems quite ok for me la.. No final one. Hehe. ^^ But need to do posting and replies on forums and course mate’s blogs. Hope I will remember to do it every week. >.<”

20 days passed after my Bobo was gone, now our house got new guest. It was a white kitty with a bit grey color on its ears and tail. It was adorable kitty and it likes to stick to us. But it was scared of Bibi and just won’t go near him. My mum said she want that kitty. So she made him pusing 3 rounds under the table leg, then ask him “bai4 bai4” Bibi first. Since then he can stay here already. I believe many families have this kind of practice ba? Haha.

I never went to Kuching Festival before. This year finally I go le!!! Just came back from there. Finally!!! Finalyy!!! finnaly!!!! I can be counted as kuching ren le! Met some frens there. Yuan lai the “cold porridge” stall is opened by my frens. Got lengzai n lenglui see there oh~ Heard that it is special in this year’s kuching fest. Anyone who haven’t tried it please go try try xia lo~ I tried melon with corn flakes de, quite nice! My sis also said nice. Different ppl different taste. Then still tried Taiwan’s “Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang”(nice leh), Famous Fried Ice Cream(sure nice loh, wan eat so long dy), some lok-lok, Japanese pancake(tat tauke very funny), Sushi(nice!), Honeydew Pearl Milk Tea (my favourite!), and fried Milk & Chocolate(no comment). Met wan fang n kwong xiong n my badminton partner there.

To be continued~ ^^

Friday, August 07, 2009

Need Fresh Air~ @@

Recently the weather is so hot...
Sun is red colour,
n the air is grey colour...
Last week my dear Bobo left...
That day I got flu
Then few days ago got tooth pain again!
OMG that is so painful T_T
The gum is like got needle..
For me sleep is so important de...
Almost 2 night I cant sleep peacefully from night to morning eh!
So cham...

Midnight din sleep can do what le?
I went out of house n run here n there,
just to remove my attention from my tooth pain to other things..
then go play swing!
in the end terslept on the swing coz too tired dy~
(The mosquitoes that night so xin fu)

Last night also,
woke up at 3 sth,
but getting used to it slowly liao~
went out play play for a while
then took bath n sleep in the morning XD

Mum brought me to Chung Chinese Physician & Acupuncture Specialist
near padungan there.
Quite nice one the lady,
very funny,
most important thing is,
after finish one bottle of the medicine
i feel much much better ^^

Went to Youth just now,
even though was late n not prepared,
learnt some valuable things
*to love someone ^^

I will have a sweet sweet night~

Monday, August 03, 2009




judieth打来说要送ah yieng,


bobo n bibi!!!