Friday, August 07, 2009

Need Fresh Air~ @@

Recently the weather is so hot...
Sun is red colour,
n the air is grey colour...
Last week my dear Bobo left...
That day I got flu
Then few days ago got tooth pain again!
OMG that is so painful T_T
The gum is like got needle..
For me sleep is so important de...
Almost 2 night I cant sleep peacefully from night to morning eh!
So cham...

Midnight din sleep can do what le?
I went out of house n run here n there,
just to remove my attention from my tooth pain to other things..
then go play swing!
in the end terslept on the swing coz too tired dy~
(The mosquitoes that night so xin fu)

Last night also,
woke up at 3 sth,
but getting used to it slowly liao~
went out play play for a while
then took bath n sleep in the morning XD

Mum brought me to Chung Chinese Physician & Acupuncture Specialist
near padungan there.
Quite nice one the lady,
very funny,
most important thing is,
after finish one bottle of the medicine
i feel much much better ^^

Went to Youth just now,
even though was late n not prepared,
learnt some valuable things
*to love someone ^^

I will have a sweet sweet night~

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~Laura~ said...

i oso wan to play swing! hehe.. =P