Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mid Term is coming~ FAN!!!

Hmm, this morning wake up sore throat + body pain...
But still went over to find my bro talk.

Recently sth happened to him & "her"...
I dun wan to see him hurt..
I understand that everyone has the right to make their own decision & choise.
But my bro is too naive and easy believe people.
I know that I have to protect my family.
If something happens, then our home will not be complete anymore.
I m scared & worried.

I m hoping that he will not choose that road again..
But, I still tell him tat i respect his choice...
I have told him everything I wanted to let him noe...
The last choice is in his hand.

I believe, my bro is still my bro
I can believe u right?

CI Mid Term test tomoro...
Study in the library...
Dun have much result though...
play webcam, talk, chatting, facebook-ing,
these i spent whole day on~

God Bless me in tomoro's test

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