Thursday, October 01, 2009


Advertisement advertisement! LOL!

This is my lastest year of prom liao. It was great experience! The student council sure put in a lot of efforts in planning and organizing this event. The venue is at Four Points by Sheraton. And we have host from 8tv! He is funny and cute. They complained about the foods there not enough to eat (I din't eat that night, so no comment.. hah)

SiewYong, Laura, Shan Shan and Jacq came to do their make up at my house. Thanks to Cindy and her frens! They really put in a lot of effort in helping us to look like a star that night! XD Kiwi offered to come fetch us go Four Points. Hahah. But in the end my bro sent us go instead, except Laura. LOL! It was really cool! Jacq and Siew Yong are in purple theme, Shan Shan black smoky eyes, me in red-blue eyeshadow with glitters, Laura is gold glittering eyes. Everyone said we looked different. Haha, happy and satisfied. ^^

That whole night stayed outside the ballroom and take pic non stop! So ngam we met this group of guys who LOVES camwhore n take pic a lot also!

Zi lian nan
Had a lot of fun though~ Like HongKong actors taking shots, got many directors teaching each others how to pose, professional cameraman taking pic, and lengzai lenglui superstars posing! How nice of this event! For more photos, please go facebook... ^_^ These are some of the pictures I took with superstars:
me & Louis. He looks so smart.

Derek... Apa la smile til no eyes ki ;P

Me n Tzia Lok.. =)

me n calvin... Haha so funny this guy..

Desmond!!! this picture is weird haha =P

Mr Gary Chang

Jacq jacq, u really looks PWETTY that night~

Lee Shing n me.. Oh my, u really sexy leh


Vien n me.. Her hair special one, cant see from here, so kesi.

Hui Ching~ I like her^^

Chee ya n me.. so sweet ^^

Elly n me..
Elly, Grace n me.. luckily grace kepo wan take, if not i also no chance take with her liao~

Din forget to take pic with my cousin~ also her last prom le haha
My secondary school classmate- Caroline... She asked me, "ni hui man yi ma?" after taking the pic.. So cute de... Shud be herself man yi or not leh =P

Me n Siew Yong. ^^v
Chia Chia n me
Lenglui Pauline n me lo.. She still say not nice ba...

Jen How n me. He is a cute Taiwan guy. Do i look scared in this pic? XD
Fan zheng is take most with Laura de la.. this pic took in toilet, I wan zi pai de, but she chap in, wan kiss me gok. haha *shy

Last pic of me after prom... Bye bye le~
p/s: draft so long le now only post up XDXD

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