Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back Hometown Trip

Went back Sibu last week with parents and 2 sis~
I thought tat it will be a normal trip..
but in the end its fun and memorable ^^
I brought along my laptop and lots of Hongkong drama series and some anime...
but one also dint watch =.=
my laptop cant watch DVD de so lauya!!!(n i just found out that!)
Followed Philip's Innova back...
6 hrs trip and I sit 3rd row @@
sit til scare~
something nice need to share~
the HarMee at Peking Cafe..
Hehe long time din eat HarMee liao,
Now back Sibu no need use ferry le,
time also cut from 7 hours++ to 5 hours...
Arrived Sibu at 4pm++,
me n my sis each stay at different cousin's house.
Went kia kia at old shop area and refreshed my memory~
Quite a big difference~
become more developed but i still can recognise la..

still can walk from wisma sanyan to SMK Methodist there =P

2nd day~
Dad n mum arrived.
Planned to go shopping with mum and sis de

In the end went out eat eat eat with swinburne frens and their frens..
Guess wat?
Sibu's special food: kompia with meat n soup de(at ppl's house)

Played bowling & pool (lol.. first time play!!!)

I m so lausy @@

Forget my marks le, but i think around 5x or 6x... Hehe

Others all get 1xx de... hahah

Pool leh play til my hands tired only in one or 2 balls
So hard.. =.=!!!

Then went on to the He Bing Gong Yuan with kiwi...
Nice scenery, plus that time sunset, nice atmosphere
Got people had bridal photo shooting there leh
No play play o =P

Our dinner so cham...
Dad's fren thought of chia us eat at Wang Xi Lou,
but that night all restaurant in Sibu fully booked!
All having wedding!
We travelled from one restaurant to another...
Ended up at A-One Restaurant,
a small but nice little restaurant we used to go last time~
Yummy ^^

Luckily dad booked hotel that night
I can go out again =P
had some drinks at Farley cafe there~
Had fun time.
The frens r very funny
Especially Louis
keep say some not chun de "kwong dong hwa"(cantonese)

Reached Hotel at 12.30am
but i press door bell til 1.30am my dad only open door for me
All be pig dy
So kelien ar hp no credit and cant call them
Ask my cousin send credit he also dunno wat is tat!!!
Talk time request by digi...
It will send msg to the one u wan him to send credit,
my cousin reply this at first,"wat lai de?"
second time,"wtf is this?" LOL
I planned to sleep on the sofa there de liao...
but so many ppl passed by...
but still managed to get in la..
luckily ^^

3rd day
sleep til late late,
just woke up before the annual dinner start XD
then took lift down and eat eat eat again
the food nice!!!
me n sis had some wine
not nice one
My dear miss yu gestured me over,
show me a pic in her hp...
paparazzi tou pai...
she say will upload fb la..
wait til now also no see...
sad sad..
ben lai is wan go back today...
but delayed!!
finished lunch at 230pm,
had dinner again at 5!!!
so sayang the foods so nice but we cant enjoy it slowly...

lalala.. lazy write le..
tobe continue~
p/s: this blog post i write jor 3or 4 days =.=
emm continue...

we dinner with our long time no see uncle n family~
tat uncle is my dad's fren since school days..
memang is long lasting friendship lai de...
oredi fren so long n still can chat like tat after so many years~
i like those frens...
tat uncle's daughter is getting married soon..
lenglui jie jie lai de...
hope she will live happily forever with her husband^^

4th day~
aiyoh so fast last day le..
9am start our journey
had our breakfast at the cafe behind SMK methodist
ordered many last time favourite food
then in the end cant finish =.=!!!
met Zhong Weng on the way go buy Big Thumb de bread =P
she still recognise me!
after that put our luggage on car n back kuching le..
sleep talk laugh n eat
on the way got a market
we went down buy some things to eat...
not nice one!
no eat lunch til reach kuching >__<
mum n dad oredi arrived early coz by plane..
luckily loh...
just back kuching can eat donuts n chocolates

no gain weight!!! good news! haha
ok lo.. this is the end of my hometown trip..
din managed to visit my old old house in salim road there...
maybe wait next time back le~ XD

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Direction of Life

Year end le...
Semester end.
Dunno can pass all or not.
Suddenly feel one part of me missing. =(

However, many happy things going on:
Christmas is near~
Reunions are coming~
N Avatar is coming too~ ;p
So excited!

Now working at home help mama..
According to someone, its Yin Neh Bo de job la...
Not much stress, but can keep me busy too.
See I can still blogging here @@

New Year planning to go back Sibu find old frens..
But parents not going back though =(
Wondering if i can go back o not.

Next thing is to come my house make pizza!
Anyone interested? haha