Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Direction of Life

Year end le...
Semester end.
Dunno can pass all or not.
Suddenly feel one part of me missing. =(

However, many happy things going on:
Christmas is near~
Reunions are coming~
N Avatar is coming too~ ;p
So excited!

Now working at home help mama..
According to someone, its Yin Neh Bo de job la...
Not much stress, but can keep me busy too.
See I can still blogging here @@

New Year planning to go back Sibu find old frens..
But parents not going back though =(
Wondering if i can go back o not.

Next thing is to come my house make pizza!
Anyone interested? haha


~Laura~ said...

who is dat someone oh? Me??? haha.. so yin neh bo, when can come my house? =P

i am interested! hehe...

shirley said...

haha.... is kiwi la.. he say my job is "yin neh bo" job.. lol! yaya, ready for my pay aaa XD