Saturday, March 27, 2010

22 lo~

I am 22 years old liao!
Thanks for everyone's wishes~
Especially calls from my special frens =P
Happy that still got people remember my birthday ^^

I wont forget 23th March night calls,
Some missed, but I can feel the sincerity is enough le =)
Talk with laura til her time almost 4am!
This girl still dun wan stop eh,
so many stories =.=v
must take care of urself ok!
Sleep also late, eat also skip lunch, hmmm...
Rmb i wan see a healthy cute cute laura come back see me.
Miss u >_<

Wake up in the morning,
I started to think,
every year our birthday my parents sure remember,
and will have party or going out to eat.
And since we are still schooling,
so we sure will celebrate with frens in school.
Now that I left uni dy,
how would it be? xD
I am an adult,
dun need party anymore right? =P

Anyway, thks Judieth and Ah Ting bring me to 175。
First time see (and feel) the fish bite ur dead skins.
Haha so geli @@"
Dun dare to put in my legs after first try..
We see other ppl just enjoy saja sitting and feed the fish their legs..
Anyway its a nice place and we had a nice meal...
Judieth wasted food xD

After that Ah Ting brought us back to uni..
wan go watch movie call 月光寶盒 de
But cancelled..
Suddenly saw my xiao tang mei, carrie...
updated on her recently condition.
Hmm, girl girl experienced something u must learn in life..
Anyway, hope u still have the courage to gain back ur confidence!
Take care and love u oweys! ^^

Er, later received a cake from Dennis..
Thks a lot for that =.=
Next time dun take so many trouble for that
(if u got read this >_<)

Huhu, when I arrived home,
saw my relatives them there oredi~
Pizzas n chicago 7 broasted chicken!
Most important is~~~~
雞湯面線! (mee sua chicken soup)
omg since how long we dint eat this on our birthdays!
Mum cook de wor..
Feel so 懷念the taste. =P
I love my family! T_T

Night time had yamcha sessions with abubu them.
Thks for the oreo cheesecake abubu!
Its nice (give my didi n mei mei eat jo many mouth) xD
N the birthday song...
all keep kacao me T_T

Last night,
our ah wuong kor kor (who works for almost 20 years at our shop) married!
eat again
Bui si le =.=v
Uncle them keep drink beer n cant finish the foods
then our table all teenagers,
finished the dishes very fast.
But nvr finish coz after one dish cleared,
foods from other table come
Enjoyed ourselves though,
me n susan n vincent is totally siao that night!
The bride is shy..
Mum said that she was frightened by me when i went to shake hand with her n say gong xi gong xi xD
All sing k de kaki there but no one sing on the stage last night de..
Saw many long time no see de people..
Hehe, thats y, I like wedding dinner =P
Hope u n ur wife live happily ever after ^^

About my hair ar..
HRMM, i din do much but just straightened+dye+cut.
As usual i went Alan Saloon at Boulevard there.
Ah yan cut for me.
I just wan to look "ok" on CNY lor..
Bob style, front thicker a bit.
Dyed purple red color, in normal room cant see the purple.
Under sun it will be obvious.
Straighten suggested by ah yan.
Save the trouble to style our hair every morning xD
Love it very much ^^
now longer liao haha

Update again when i found my job ^^

Friday, March 12, 2010

Next Stage of my Life

Hi all~
I wonder still got ppl read this blog or not XD

I finished my degree oredi!!!
Decision now is, going to work!
Master ar..
I think work for a period only decide wan to take or not.
(Big possibility no le.. Many ppl wont back to study after working.. =P)

Going to Singapore to find job...
Told my mum about this and she also support me ^^
Dad shows a bit objection la...
But i m going to convince him that I can survive there...
Actually I am not so sure that I can or not but I want to try @@"

Me n my bro need to wash our own clothes now~
And I m going to learn cook some nice nice food from my mum XD
Later sure going to miss her cooking T_T (and her of course~ )
Tonight also going for a talk about preparation for career de..
Its church organised, mum ask me go if i wan to go singapore..
If I still dun change my mind after the talk then she agree to let me go

Hope I can find a job which provides hostel..
Or I can stay JB if that company is near ^^
Bless me bless me ^^

Congrats to all who passed all in final~
We are becoming adults now XD
Good luck to all of u in career and everything in life~
hehe see u