Friday, March 12, 2010

Next Stage of my Life

Hi all~
I wonder still got ppl read this blog or not XD

I finished my degree oredi!!!
Decision now is, going to work!
Master ar..
I think work for a period only decide wan to take or not.
(Big possibility no le.. Many ppl wont back to study after working.. =P)

Going to Singapore to find job...
Told my mum about this and she also support me ^^
Dad shows a bit objection la...
But i m going to convince him that I can survive there...
Actually I am not so sure that I can or not but I want to try @@"

Me n my bro need to wash our own clothes now~
And I m going to learn cook some nice nice food from my mum XD
Later sure going to miss her cooking T_T (and her of course~ )
Tonight also going for a talk about preparation for career de..
Its church organised, mum ask me go if i wan to go singapore..
If I still dun change my mind after the talk then she agree to let me go

Hope I can find a job which provides hostel..
Or I can stay JB if that company is near ^^
Bless me bless me ^^

Congrats to all who passed all in final~
We are becoming adults now XD
Good luck to all of u in career and everything in life~
hehe see u


Aida said...

yo~~m here enjoy reading ur blog :p

shirley said...

^^ thks aida