Monday, April 26, 2010

Church n 2012!

I went to church 2 days in 1 week!
and i pretty enjoyed myself!
Thanks to this little girl, Xiao Ting..
Xiao Ting and Kiwi them went to the same church n youth service de..
That Friday night they had a dancing and singing performance
and I was invited(so lucky xD)~
It was an amazing night!
THe theme of the night is:民歌餐厅
I really got touched eh..
The 传道 is really good in singing and creating wonderful atmosphere..
Got one song when he stopped,
Everyone on the floor sings on..
Really like a concert leh xD
All the songs are famous folk songs we used to sing.
奉献,红蜻蜓,酒干倘卖无,mother 只是一个名,朋友,这几首都是让我感触良多的好歌...

Yesterday also went to their church service~
Get to noe them more..
Decided to join them^^
Going to bring my siblings and parents there too~~
If they r willing la =D

Yesterday Yew Wei came and we discussed some accounting topics
Missed studying loh...
Restored my brain with some knowledge
LOL >_<

Just finished watching 2012 alone..
It is awesome movie!
Shud have watch it earlier =.=!!!
We really need to appreciate those things we have now...
Like Jackson, he dint realised that he missed out some important things in life until he realised that apocalypse is nearby...
Luckily there is still chance for him to turn back.
The whole movie really conveys too many message to us liao...
can watch it over and over again!

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