Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lovely Doggies~~ ^^

Oh ya..
Before watching this video lower down the volume ya~
my voice too loud =P

This video lo.. =.= We just arrived home n want to let BiBi n Coffee out go walk walk. Just bought new "necklace" for each of them. Coffee is too desperate to come out dy.. He used to bite ppl so we dun let him out.. BiBi is oweys hyperactive d...
In the video u heard me n my youngest sis (susan) shout, coz he jumped up to my sis upon release. Her baju kurung white white de become got few dark chocolate lines~ xD
I wear skirt, legs gave him scratched =.=! But we really love our cute doggies ^^ Just sometimes a bit naughty de.. This is also a way to let us siblings n parents spend happy time together ;D

This video no shout de.. just recording Coffee... dun worry.. Teeth so itchy... Everything also wan bite.. Our feet often kena him bite. >.<"

Hehe, then this video is Coffee n BiBi playing together.. So funny see them play n bully each other.. Huhu~

Hehe.. Enjoy~

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