Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This morning finally went swimming dy..
Planned n said for so long le,
now only start xD

Mum bought the swimming pool de monthly ticket for one month.
She warned me tat is i din go swim she will charge me the fees tat she paid for me =P
Thats y today wake up so early.. We need to get ready together with my youngest sis, who is going to school at 630am =.=v
still so sleepy leh.. but no choice..
If not i have to pay @@"
From today onwards need to wake up so early everyday le..

But its worth la ^^
The water temperature is not too low~
Gang gang hao~
Enjoyed ourselves..

But i hope my hair wont kena damaged by the chlorine la
going to have hair cut end of this month or May le.

After tat we all make breakfast together
A perfect start for a day ^^


Aida said...

lily~ for sure ur hair wil be damaged~ unless u apply treatment cream in advance and use swimming cap...

shirley said...

hehe use swimming cap so ugly ~.~

aida said...

no one wil look at u laaaa~~~~~~lolxD