Monday, May 03, 2010

My part time job~

Kuching Pc fair finished liao lor~
My part time job also ended like this~
These few days really busy!
Back home is super tired already
Until now still dun have enough sleep =.=

and and and.. I m sick!!

But, That 3 days i really enjoyed myself very much lo
I m cashier.
Get to noe 2 cute pretty girls n 2 nice supervisors.

This is mei mei~ super cute de..
Haha.. when she start laughing, can laugh non stop for few hours ^^"
I oweys go toilet together with her. N many funny things happened ^^
Got customer ask if we two are japanese leh haha =.="

The middle one is jie jie.. only 18 years old only... super lenglui right?
hehe... playful little girl too~ ^^" she is our top sales loh haha.. very hardwroking promote avira one~ at first 3 of us reached there first. Then after supervisor arrived, we told them that we r sisters. Then they believe wor. Got one supervisor only realised the truth next day. xD

We do our jobs and help others with theirs.
Like I can go make sales when there r too many customers
My cashier job they also can handle
Everyday also shout "avira antivirus~"
We have 2 chairs only.
THen we need to take turns to sit lo
In this pc fair,
got many interesting customers we came across~
Was thankful to my frens who support me although price higher ;D
N some really nice people who come back to buy ^^
Sometimes they stand there listen so long n say come back n buy,
but not many will come back ba~ >.<"

Busy til can forget to eat our meals
Hmm, the foods there really so delicious loh
After work so hard and stand whole day,
eat wat also yummy de xD

This is the souvenir from avira... a cute mini fan n AVIRA pen o~~
It is indeed a memorable working experience
Also not forget the PC image de people...
They also all very nice one..
That ah kiam who helped me with the laptop n software things everytime..
Lilian who guided me in the procedure to set up things n pay out..
N James who give us the lunch box, makes sure tat we had enough supply of food xD
Next time also wan join de ^^

Yesterday is my 2nd sis's bday(stephanie)~
Actually we went chicago 7 to celebrate on monday already.
But I still wan to do something for her..
I noe she sure wont mind,
she oweys dun have much needs de..
never ask for wat...
dunno how to make her happy..
make me feel wan sayang her more xD
so we went to watch movie together!!
4 of us only o ^^

THen we played some childish things

Noe wat is this? I never play before wor.. Same like her... It was really so sia soi when we saw passing by ppl look at us... but never mind.. it is just an experience la =.="
Ip Man 2 is nice action movie~
18SG de haha

funny ma we two? xD
GOing to watch ironman 2 le~
my bro went to watch with his frens during pc fair
cant go T_T
who wants to go with me? ^^

haha~ have a nice day~

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