Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Recently have been very very busy~
My mei mei was back from Melbourne and our dating keep postponed from one day to another day~
Today finally can meet le~
McDonald is our LAO DI FANG for sure!!!

Wan pengsan dy settle my car insurance thing...
So troublesome!
I really hard to run away from getting accident...

My parents also getting busy with their work
Peak season!!!
My mum also become angry mum...
Coz of me
My job not properly done...
Make her oweys angry when she saw me

Last night go BBQ n until now i still feel that BBQ smell in my hair
I bathed 3 kali dy ok...
Still got that smell
So happy la them...
Can sing Happy Holiday loud loud
But honestly I feel scared of that kind of life dy...
I give myself one month++ time to relax and play however I want
Beh tahan eh...
Now i feel so contented with my life
hope the BBQ smell is only my imagination!!!
My hair so smell-absorbent la aduhhh...

First time in so many years after i left school
I went back my old school for a Pameran Buku
Missed the grass n teacher office n the canteen there..
N I greeted many teachers taught me before
Puan Chong, Puan Poh, Encik Nafri, Teresa Kuek, n Elsa.
Puan Chong n Puan Poh remember me ^_^
Even though 5 years din see them dy they still look prettier and younger!
I think one's thinking n attitude towards life really can decide ur appearance lor.
Puan Chong's face never run out of a wide smile
She asked me to work good good
To Puan Chong: I will
Puan Poh leh, still like kid
She is now Ketua Bidang of Kemanusiaan o!!
Dun play play.
I still rmb how students made her angry
and she almost wanted to jump up n down in class
Anyway I m happy to meet my respected teachers back
and mixed with a bunch of young fellows
I m called AUNTIE!!!!!
The form 3 students called me AUNTIE!!!!!
Sedih betul~
got few interesting things happened too~
I looked like someone's fren (called Joanne i think)
N they took my pic to let their fren see..
So shy...
I think I really looks like that girl gua,
coz the second time she came,
her fren saw me n was shocked..
wish i can meet that Joanne too
my sis's fren said us look alike!!!
9 out of 10 said we look almost same in everything...
Characteristic totally different k!!!
(Btw I also disagree that we look alike lo)

Very hot arrr today!
Makes me feel sleepy and a bit sien with something...
If u plan for something and that plan keep fail to be carried out...
Imagine the "Bo-Lak-ness"
Coz macam wasting ur time there resulting nothing
Today early finish my blog post
Then go busy with my parents le
Dun wan care dy!
Early nitez to everyone ^^


~Laura~ said...

sorry la.. for keep on delaying... paiseh ah! hehe... we both experience de SAME thing!!! haha....

shirley said...

its ok la...
better if u spend ur time with ur family ma... i can accept.. haha

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