Monday, July 26, 2010

-throughout this month-

Here comes my summary againnn~~~
2010 July, is a very very busy month.
As dad decided to work on one project(big volume one!),
we r given this one month time to complete it.

Within this one month,
I worked together with different people as a team,
we experienced the tiredness of working over 24 hrs a day,
yet din manage to slim down (coz day day had heavy dinner =.=)
we saw the rarely seen panda eyes n messy hair =D
kena scolded severely for mistakes done (coz document only got one set, so we have to be extra careful),
help each other out when needed...
one of us even sacrificed her revision time for her test today
(she is doing part-time)

we also get to noe each other better la,
we had breakfast, lunch n dinner together (n also sleep together!xD)
n fix the problem together..
(we make mistakes n kena bombed cham cham first time, then 2nd time we clever liao~ tou tou fixed the problem without letting them noe xD)
everyone trying to help each other out n that is so exciting!

At starting of the month we do it quite relaxingly,
who noes in the end we nearly cant complete it..
so, of course have to spend extra effort until last minute lo~
(huo gai right? ^^")

Actually also not very difficult work,
just need some careful ppl,
i m very clumsy n careless i think.
Sometimes can forget wat I type few seconds ago after replying sms,
or print wrong if suddenly get attracted to a song.
Got scolded badly
but its all over now~

I realised that there r many other ppl that is more "xin ku" than what we see from outside;
we have to respect them,
even though they r fierce n unreasonable sometimes;
must learn to be hardworking,
coz when complete something we can feel the "man zhu gan" ^^
whatever we did la,
as long as we think is correct n treat it seriously
we will never regret.

after this we planned for swimming sessions liao
hopefully everything back to normal,
or only become better~

now i can have plenty of plans liao~~~
end of summary
(still consider a summary? hehe)
^^ gud nite

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Coming to an END~~~

This thing finally going to end soon.
Have been super busy with the work...
Myvi also send to hospital liao
I m going to be carless for few weeks...

Last few weeks so kolien...
cant go out with frens..
and and and...
I missed out all the church activities!
However, I worked with a bunch of really good teammates.
We helped each other and learn to tolerate angry ppl
(cant master it very well still!)
Coz of them I learned a lot of things,
from work and also attitude.
Last week I also attended an interview..
I think possibility of getting hired is low la..
Haha! SAD!!!! =(

Parents accompanied my bro go Australia...
Scared that he is alone n help him get used to the environment...
I must claim many many chocolates from them after this!!!
Day day work over time...

After work must fast fast eat and sleep to prepare for second day's work...
Busy with work makes the time flies like wat!
These few days also got professional nanny taking care of us.
I miss them!
Hope Monday fast fast come...
I wan eat chocolate n nougat laaa~ XD

these few weeks so many 'first time' happened...
First time eat Sunny Hill ice cream =_=v
First time eat Jing Men Lou laksa =.=!!!
First time OT for many many days!!!!
First time dint see my bro for so long..
First time webcam with baba mama n him..

Hope he can behave himself and dun miss us too badly over there..
N fast fast go explore the places there and bring us go next time!


Within these few weeks,
I feel that mum really help us prepare almost everything eh..
Miss her terribly...
But also tell me one thing:
I have to learn to be independent!
Totally useless me.
Even I wan to help also keep do wrong things
I want to be a better person!


Another thing is,
I sold off my game ID cheap cheaply!
But at least it is now gone..
Good thing lai de..
I used to be addicted to the game.
Now I m letting go of something that should be given up long time ago!
Does this mean that I m starting to turn over a new leaf?
Hope so =)