Monday, September 27, 2010

After China Trip

What a big city.
The population in Shanghai is larger than the whole Malaysia's!

Experienced a lot of interesting things....
The trip is fun
THe people are fun too...
Chinese are hardworking people...
Especially in China there are plenty of them,
If I am as hardworking as them,
I m sure rich(at here la~ haha)
~~~~Fell into deep thought~~~

Travelling to a different place really can change a person's view.
Can learn a lot from many people.
This is a tiring trip,
but I feel contented and happy.
Even though not everything goes smoothly as we wish,
it will still turn out to be fine...
As long as we enjoy the process (means we work hard for it =D)

Just one thing la,
Shanghai Expo I just went to France Pavillion only,
every pavillion have to wait a long queue,
not very enough for me la...
I still want to go England, Sweden, Italy, china, Saudi Arabia and many many others~
took many photos outside different building only...
main reason is,
they do not want to waste their time waiting so long outside but go in only for few minutes only...
anyway i feel worth for the time.
we can see and feel a country's culture,
in less than an hour time.
Truly is seeing the world through China-worth~
Hope China can reach the targeted amount of visitors by 31st of Oct!

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