Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Feel like got too many things to blog about!
Too long din update dy.

That day kena langgar i spent 3 continuous day to repair it...
Without get noticed by my dad!
(or he just pretend to open one eye n close one eye? 0.0)
Today, after few weeks,
kena langgar again!

Poor little sis,
we stopped there at roundabout,
that big car just bump into us!
That lier(u see why i m suddenly so angry with liers) say that RM200 is enough for us to repair all the damage..
He gave us RM200, but we found out from mechanics that replacing a bumper+ respray is oredi RM 500++!
He told us that the broken bumper can be wielded and back to normal after spray.
Then now we dun have any way to contact him.
Back home give parents scold cham cham...
Dad is still angry-ing and dun wan to talk to us.
Now my sis is still upset also coz this is her first time.
She even dun wan to drive again.

Whole family is moody...
Even my didi also posting some weird things...
Dunno what he is up to...

Ok! Moody post end!
Cheer up everyone!

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