Sunday, November 28, 2010


Next week is week 6 liao!
So fast!
Final on 8th and 10th Dec...
Meaning holiday is coming soon!!!

We r going to Singapore for our Christmas!~~
with my bro!
Woohoo x10!
miss him so much coz already 4 months++ din see him
thinking of our reunion makes me so happy ^__^
but... at the same time need to tidy his bedroom to welcome him back dy
Going to take pic of the whole Orchard Road!
I think my dad is going to the casino also
and i wish i can go in see see xD

My dad decided to go on a diet plan,
and he say he wan to fight with me see who can lose more weight oh..
til now he already -5kg++.
Me ler?
still same.
actually already go back to normal weight le..
but today so hungry after swimming,
went to Expert Food Court there n ordered mountains of food,
enjoyed ourselves til the max!! xD
i m so happy to have a family tat enjoys food :P
so guilty when i think of my dad only can watch cannot eat just now

Went swimming and reached my target!
Normally wont reach if my sis is there,
time passed very fast when we r chatting and playing.
But today she dint swim,
so i succeeded.
Going to catch up with my dad soon.
I sure can win! :P

Final is coming soon
and i m still blur in my BIS,
Dr Jashua is giving us our marks on Test 1 in tomoro's lecture.
I am seriously worried about my survival in this course!

In this new sem,
I become closer with some last time de course mates,
and make some new frens...
Most beneficial thing is,
I get to eat many different nice foods!
I just dun have much experience compare to all of them!
I m so tiny =="
If tiny in size good la, tiny in experience is not :/
They really noe many things and I admire all of them.
Hope that we can all learn some useful things in this course then.

All the best to those students who are doing FYP and going to have final exam soon! Have a nice day and keep smiling =)

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I MUST Learn To Be Organised and Matured!

Hehe, forget about the last post...
Back to Swinburne really is a happy thing!
Lectures, tutorials and assignments and quizzesss!
This week is 2nd week dy,

Really busy! We had a quiz on BIS today,
assignment is due by this week too!
Before my semester starts,
I make a timetable for myself..
and besides lectures and tutorials i will be working,
the timetable really looks nice and i m not wasting any of my time,
i was wondering if it really works out or not;
after one week testing,
founded out that it is quite satisfying though xP
just online time longer than the timetable,
and my sleeping time oweys over one...

Mum and dad just come back from Gui Lin last week,
the first thing mum said to me is,
"Shirley, u must learn to be matured oredi,
u r not a small girl and u cannot act like one...
when u saw sth that is surprising,
dun express too over...
Learn to control"
I oweys "eeeee!!!! wahhhhhh!!!! harrrr??? and etc etc..
She said I m very childish and its time to be matured.
So funny...
The way my mum imitating me,
tat makes me feel like i m so irritating

OK!! I will try to behave myself!
Let's see after one month I got change or not..
support support!

Oh, by the way,
i m really thankful to the frens around me,
thanks for ur support all the time!!!

Ups and Downs

Recently my emotion change a lot..
I always think this world is very wonderful and nice,
but there are something which is not so nice too...
You will get to noe it if some ppl are willing to tell u.

dun be sad,
u have to protect other ppl,
crying does not help,
stay strong..

Somehow not everything we can share with other ppl,
we have to learn to say what we ought to say and wat we should not say...
I think I have been too talkative already,
many things I said hurt others,
hope they will forgive me.

We have to put in every effort,
if we wan to get sth nice in our life...
There is no need to wonder why other ppl live better than us,
because they work harder than us,
then they can enjoy...

i m so troubled!
i dunno what i m writing!
coz i cant write out these!!