Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I MUST Learn To Be Organised and Matured!

Hehe, forget about the last post...
Back to Swinburne really is a happy thing!
Lectures, tutorials and assignments and quizzesss!
This week is 2nd week dy,

Really busy! We had a quiz on BIS today,
assignment is due by this week too!
Before my semester starts,
I make a timetable for myself..
and besides lectures and tutorials i will be working,
the timetable really looks nice and i m not wasting any of my time,
i was wondering if it really works out or not;
after one week testing,
founded out that it is quite satisfying though xP
just online time longer than the timetable,
and my sleeping time oweys over one...

Mum and dad just come back from Gui Lin last week,
the first thing mum said to me is,
"Shirley, u must learn to be matured oredi,
u r not a small girl and u cannot act like one...
when u saw sth that is surprising,
dun express too over...
Learn to control"
I oweys "eeeee!!!! wahhhhhh!!!! harrrr??? and etc etc..
She said I m very childish and its time to be matured.
So funny...
The way my mum imitating me,
tat makes me feel like i m so irritating

OK!! I will try to behave myself!
Let's see after one month I got change or not..
support support!

Oh, by the way,
i m really thankful to the frens around me,
thanks for ur support all the time!!!


~Laura~ said...

support support!!! =P ga you!

eeling^^ said...

support u ^^

shirley said...

thks ee ling and lola :D m doing my best...