Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Ups and Downs

Recently my emotion change a lot..
I always think this world is very wonderful and nice,
but there are something which is not so nice too...
You will get to noe it if some ppl are willing to tell u.

dun be sad,
u have to protect other ppl,
crying does not help,
stay strong..

Somehow not everything we can share with other ppl,
we have to learn to say what we ought to say and wat we should not say...
I think I have been too talkative already,
many things I said hurt others,
hope they will forgive me.

We have to put in every effort,
if we wan to get sth nice in our life...
There is no need to wonder why other ppl live better than us,
because they work harder than us,
then they can enjoy...

i m so troubled!
i dunno what i m writing!
coz i cant write out these!!

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