Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Singapore!! I want to go again!

Just sent my little frens off the airport...
Rachel and Nemuel
They are obedient, understanding and yet hyperactive children.
Seldom will I see kids like this now...
I always see pampered and spoiled kids around in kuching.
They like to play and experience new things and always want more time to play;
They stayed our home for 2 days then fly back to sibu,
Even though its the first time they play with us,
We play like we have known each others long long time dy...
They will ask parents to buy many things but if parents say no they will not keep ask for that...
They are fun to play with, but sometimes will be too dependent on 4 of us...
They are obedient but will also quarrel with each others,
saying very funny things...
Last night after we created a fb acc for each of them,
they started a comment war and posted funny comments on each other's war..
the comments are sort of like:
Really cute dao!!!
Whole night we play games and feel very happy!
I m just a bit kelien coz I became their toy

Singapore Trip
This is a family trip with another family,which is my dad's fren.
2 days at Orchard Road,
1 day at Sentosa + Universal Studio,
Last day at Suntec + Marina Bay.
I like the restaurant there!
The foods, service and atmosphere are excellent!
Tall and nicely-designed buildings,
shopping malls and street decoration makes the night city view a great experience.
People there are pretty, handsome and fashionable,
mostly rich too i think!
Orchard Road is very beautiful,
many things to play, see and eat,
The kids like Takashimaya very much.
In Singapore,
Xmas is really a very important celebration,
They even establish a department where whole floor sells the toys for kids,
And it is packed with ppl!
The toys there are cheap,
Gundam HG, MG, PG have huge price difference compared with Malaysia's,
HG S$3x, MG S$7x, PG S$4xx, still got 20% Xmas discount!
My bro bought 2 MG Gndams there.
Nemuel also bought 1 HG Victory.
Maybe we not a suitable place to shop,
we dint get ourselves any clothes.

Universal studio is great!!!
Luge too!
Too bad 24th that day it rained..
Cant get enough of it....
Me and rachel even lost our way =.="
Luckily we clever, went to the guest service counter..
LUGE is a self-driving car system that which enables the riders inside to control the speed by pushing a pair of handlebars back and forth. As the ride finishes, the Skyride brings the riders back up to the starting point with the help of chairlifts.
Click here to know more about LUGE
We are lucky to have chance to visit Universal Studio coz my dad's fren book the ticket very early -
I only went for 4D movie Far Far Away, WaterWorld, Jurassic Park and Roller Coaster.
Next time I want to go Sci Fi and Ancient Egypt :)
Ah Yieng went to Universal Studio the same day as us...
But as I mentioned, I lost my way and missed the chance to meet her...
We leave universal studio around 6pm.

Marina Bay is a big cruise build on 3 tall buildings,
guess what is special?
inside the big cruise got a swimming pool!
experience swimming in the air!
u can have a complete view of Singapore city from the edge of the pool...
from the transparent glassed oh!!!
I think it is equivalent to the China's 明珠塔 but this one more fun.

The next time I go there I must be a bit rich le..
If not my parents I can never enjoy Singapore like this.
Thankful for this, and of course everything I get, everyone I noe in this journey ^^

Yesterday arrived home the first thing is to look for our BiBi and babies...
Become so thin, like starved for whole day dy..
After settling our luggage we go feed and take bath for them...
Then go out bang sai~ xD
See them eat til very round and lie there comfortably

Friday, December 03, 2010

Dad's Diet Plan

Dad's Diet Plan is quite complex.
1, Must have everyday's nutrition by eating certain amount of vege and meat,
but no rice.
2, There is a 5 hrs interval between every meals. Meaning u take ur breakfast at 8am, then next meal u have to eat after 1pm.
3, Must control and dont eat other things besides the vege and meat.
4, If u feel hungry between meal intervals, u can have some snacks too. Maximum: 2 pcs of low salt high-fibre Jacobs crackers + 1 portion of fruit(eg.1 apple)

That plan is actually designed for my dad only. I dont know if other people are applicable or not.

There is a menu list to follow:
Morning can choose:
Plain Yogurt

1 meat 1 vege(all meat except chicken)
beef, fish, pork

Note: the seasoning of the meals all have to use organic type. Artificial seasoning like soya sauce, ajinomoto, sos tiram those all cannot be used! that means u cant go out and simply eat xD

Lastly, my dad follows this diet plan plus go swimming. The result is fast! Hehe, this is for ur reference only. Happy reading!~ ^^


Finished my assignment (redo 2nd time)
Failed and resubmitted and failed again!
Hopefully this time can give me pass le ba...

Not yet in study mood...
I miss my Sibu frens...
I moved to Kuching so long,
and I haven't meet them for so long too!
Only Ah Yieng come out and we get to mix around together
And met a form 1 classmate Marren Tie came from Sibu Methodist,
studied 2 sem in Swinburne then hilang liao
occassionally will meet Tiffany,
taking engineering;
others maybe still in Sibu studying or working,
I think got Catherine, Shelly, Agnes;
some are studying overseas,
Jane, Ling Ai, Eileen, Sabrina, Sharon and others.....,
Got to meet Joyce, Sabrina, Crystal and Yew Soon?? last year
and I m quite happy :)
they r taking medic in unimas I think, except Crystal, under teacher's training in Miri(correct right? hehe).
Some of them might have already graduated and back to Sibu
and I really wish we can have a gathering!
See how our frens r doing...
I wonder if they still remember me or not...
I met few people in Kch and many don't know that I moved to Kuching after finished PMR...
Went back to Sibu last year end and I bumped into Zhong Wen,
at Big Thumb there xD
Missed the old days when I oweys go walk walk at Methodist there,
like walking in my house backyard xD
Went to English and BM Tuition also use walk de,
Sibu is really small.
But I love sibu and my frens.
They are all so nice.
I am going back soon :P