Friday, December 03, 2010


Finished my assignment (redo 2nd time)
Failed and resubmitted and failed again!
Hopefully this time can give me pass le ba...

Not yet in study mood...
I miss my Sibu frens...
I moved to Kuching so long,
and I haven't meet them for so long too!
Only Ah Yieng come out and we get to mix around together
And met a form 1 classmate Marren Tie came from Sibu Methodist,
studied 2 sem in Swinburne then hilang liao
occassionally will meet Tiffany,
taking engineering;
others maybe still in Sibu studying or working,
I think got Catherine, Shelly, Agnes;
some are studying overseas,
Jane, Ling Ai, Eileen, Sabrina, Sharon and others.....,
Got to meet Joyce, Sabrina, Crystal and Yew Soon?? last year
and I m quite happy :)
they r taking medic in unimas I think, except Crystal, under teacher's training in Miri(correct right? hehe).
Some of them might have already graduated and back to Sibu
and I really wish we can have a gathering!
See how our frens r doing...
I wonder if they still remember me or not...
I met few people in Kch and many don't know that I moved to Kuching after finished PMR...
Went back to Sibu last year end and I bumped into Zhong Wen,
at Big Thumb there xD
Missed the old days when I oweys go walk walk at Methodist there,
like walking in my house backyard xD
Went to English and BM Tuition also use walk de,
Sibu is really small.
But I love sibu and my frens.
They are all so nice.
I am going back soon :P

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