Friday, December 03, 2010

Dad's Diet Plan

Dad's Diet Plan is quite complex.
1, Must have everyday's nutrition by eating certain amount of vege and meat,
but no rice.
2, There is a 5 hrs interval between every meals. Meaning u take ur breakfast at 8am, then next meal u have to eat after 1pm.
3, Must control and dont eat other things besides the vege and meat.
4, If u feel hungry between meal intervals, u can have some snacks too. Maximum: 2 pcs of low salt high-fibre Jacobs crackers + 1 portion of fruit(eg.1 apple)

That plan is actually designed for my dad only. I dont know if other people are applicable or not.

There is a menu list to follow:
Morning can choose:
Plain Yogurt

1 meat 1 vege(all meat except chicken)
beef, fish, pork

Note: the seasoning of the meals all have to use organic type. Artificial seasoning like soya sauce, ajinomoto, sos tiram those all cannot be used! that means u cant go out and simply eat xD

Lastly, my dad follows this diet plan plus go swimming. The result is fast! Hehe, this is for ur reference only. Happy reading!~ ^^

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