Friday, February 11, 2011

Small Changes can make Big Difference

All it takes to change,
is a bit of patience and perseverance!
I can do it!
Let me start with writing at least one post everyday.
Feelings, thoughts, experience, or description of something interesting happened daily.

Words that is said,
cannot be taken back.
No matter its hurtful or stupid or shameful,
we cannot erase the memories that is created.
Must still hide the truth even if its uncomfortable to keep that to our own;
Especially when we are sensing the uneasiness in others.
Some people do not want to face their unattended aspects of self,
A sign of shadow appears when people do not want their denied inner-self being exposed to others. (Jung Typology)
This is an interesting theory worth exploring~
Tomorrow I might show something fun for u all~
Stay tuned^^

Today is Aldrin's birthday!!!
Fat liao lo eat two rounds!
By the way,
22 yrs old celebrated in Kuching!
Glad that you like ur present n pls take good care of it

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