Sunday, March 27, 2011

3 Idiots - Movie

Just finished watching a movie that my bro asked me to watch.
Actually not finished yet,
half i watched but it was very nice!

Uni students should watch this movie : 3 Idiots.
It is an Indian movie,
funny and touching and really inspiring.
The storyline is out of our expectation,
and the message is conveyed through a very relaxing way,
we have fun but we get some important idea out of it!
The friendship, education purpose, and the contrast of rich & poor is also brought out.
Good movie for me!
In the end, I learn this,
aal izz well, means everything is well.
It is easy to tell ur heart that u r not afraid,
when u tell urself tat everything is alright,
things might not turn out to be alright,
but at least u give ur heart the courage to face the problem!
hehe, isn't it very useful?
Try it n see if it works!
I m going to tell myself,
Aal izz well!

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