Sunday, March 06, 2011

Day Trip

Despite all the deadlines and presentations due tomorrow,
I still went to the day trip!

I was not regret,
it was fun!
Long time din go explore the lovely nature liao...
Not only went mountain climbing
but also to the waterfall nearby...

I like the feeling,
like I m back to my childhood time.
Always spend long time in the car,
looking out to the trees and buildings all along the trip;
walking on the stones,
all the trees cover the sunlight for us,
feel the cooling clear water running pass our feet,

Forgot to ask the organiser where that place we had dinner is,
they have very nice mutton,
as recommended by him,
I would like to go again next time!

The friends are very funny too!
Add on lots of laughter to this trip.
Really grateful to have meet these naughty and nice friends,
I am really tired by now!

I will revise my script later then...

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