Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Dead Broke!

I am seriously in need of money now!
Swinburne parking fee
always eating out
Sabah trip expenses!!!


Score A doesn't seems to work for me.
Thinking of opening a business myself liao!
I admire my friends really,
they want to buy Sugarbun franchise,
and they really did research on the modals they need,
even source of money also got dy!
Talking about Rm50,000,000!
I almost fainted when I heard one of them say,
"I dunno how to use the money that my dad gave me,
better for me to invest 10% to 20% in this business!"
the 10% is RM5,000,000 eh!

From what they are talking about,
I m quite interested in Magic Bite's franchise lo,
its more affordable and yet profitable...
hmm, maybe I should start finding a strategic location for my business

Hehe, finished our drama presentation finally
Tomorrow need to start on my Starbucks Strategic Review Report,
and also my Diary B~

The series of happenings around me these few days,
is causing me great loss of quality sleeping time,
however, it also helped me to throw off something unpleasant!
My fren is asking me to buy bikini and we sama sama wear during Sabah trip!
and looking at my body,
*shakes head*
Hopefully I will at least maintain at this condition until next week!
which is quite hard, under not so stress condition :p
Anyway, still have to say gud luck n jia you to myself!
Its getting nearer to my target already, gogogogoo!!!!!!!

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