Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First Production

Today finally produce something can be given to ppl!
Oatmeal cookies!
Haha, the cookies are meant to be samples,
we depend customers orders from the cookies liao...
but dad's fren came n half served to their room...
however, seems that the feedback is not bad oh...
left some for frens la..
still got chocolate cheesecake n pineapple tart coming up...
work hard again tomoro!
Oh ya,
We got our first order already!!
A birthday cake
Lucky us :D

I missed the first SHRM lecture.
Today first lesson,
the SHRM lecturer thought I am from China! Lol..
I think this is good thing ba?
China girls look pretty to me...

Hmm, anyone want to try either the cookies or cakes can sms me oh~
it can be tried free for limited time only!
leave ur email add or hp number here so that i can contact u ba~
gud nite :)

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