Friday, March 25, 2011

One week Update

Long time din update my blog le~~
Many things happened..

Trip to Sabah,
Sis's result,
Dad's mood,
My birthday,
my result,
My current status n thinking is totally different a lot from last month...

I think my relationship with the bunch of course mates ++++++ a lot!
playing together n chat chat chat every night really increase the depth of our understanding towards each other...
I hope we this gang can remain competitive and stay til the end!
My result is out and both passed...
But I m not very satisfied la..

Dad had been angry with me and stop talking with me for more than 1 month dy.
He will show me angry face whenever he saw me,
I feel bad...
Finally I apologised to him,
the day I was back from sabah...
He voiced his dissappointment and dissatisfaction out,
and now i feel better!
really happy coz he is willing to talk to me softly again

My birthday is really great ^^
grateful to everyone who rmb my bday and bring me go eat!
and of course those who called from different places to wish me!
Eat til bui bui for 2 days!
and my birthday earns me 1.5 KG!!!
wat an experience~
unusual a bit coz all the celebrations are with frens...
din manage to celebrate with my family...
but mum din forget~
she said happy birthday to me ^^

tat is all for today first.
need to go sleep early liao~
gud nite ^^

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