Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Punctual :D

Today I m punctual!
I reached uni at 7pm sharp!
My observant friends noticed and they pointed out wei!
All ask me why so early today...
I replied them that I have to be well prepared for our presentation ar..
Later coming presentation I must be early!~
TOday's lecture is so fun.
We sit like we r in DP's class,
form a round circle and we can see each others.
And we discussed about our trip to Sabah,
and decided to go find DP for an extra lecture session,
of course discuss about the drama we r going to present!
they seriously wanted to open Sugarbun together eh!~
Let me go find my aunt for some information then..

I have to make punctuality my habit!
So, sleep early!
Gud night everyone ^^

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