Monday, March 07, 2011

Victory! =D

I m really satisfied with my performance today arr!!!
I was very very early for my BizStra lecture!
Reached campus before 730am eh!!!
When DP came and saw me sitting on the bench outside waiting,
I m pretty sure that he was shocked to see me so early!
His expression was funny...
But I was over nervous that time n din laugh,
I even forgot my laptop at cafeteria because I kept my eyes sticked on the script,
*totally forgot about my laptop existence*

So, the presentation,
I tried my best already.
during our rehearsal I cant really speak well,
this made me more worried for my performance;
in the end it turned out to be quite well.

Dunno is it because of DP's continuous questions shooting us,
We cooperated better than wat is expected.
Seems like there have to be greater challenge in order to make us climb higher!
We are quite disappointed at first,
we also get discouraged by DP's face expression,
he seems like not very satisfied with our explanation;
Speaking of Skype's strategy,
it is really unclear.
People value its free service ma...
the more users using Skype, the more their revenue will drop...
How to form a workable revenue model or strategic report for them??

In the end the marks turned out to be quite ok,
really grateful that we scored full marks on our teamwork...

Had drama practice on our presentation tomorrow in the afternoon,
and I was totally tired!
Reach home direct headed for my bed!
Slept for 3 hrs and woke up with a blank mind just now....

AFter tomorrow, only left Strategy Review Report on Starbucks,
and our Diary B assignment liao!!~
Feel so relieved after this major presentation,
I can start to imagine my Sabah trip already^^
*Victory for today*

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