Thursday, March 03, 2011

Once Upon a Time xP

Just finished my Leading lecture.
Today after finished my work,
I went straight to uni.
We have a meeting with our beloved DP,
and also group discussion about the drama,
so I parked my car outside swinburne,
as usual...

After our discussion and everything
its almost time for our lesson.
So we went for a quick dinner and back to uni...

When our lesson finished
its 10pm already.
When my fren knew that I am going to walk over to the car park outside,
she offered to let me sit in her car,
I was actually very paiseh coz need mafan her,
and I m quite used to walk back alone,
so i tell her never mind i can walk there myself;
she told me that there are many bad ppl lingering out there at night,
and the place i park my car is very dangerous coz there might be thieves...
in the end I followed her car.

When we arrived there it was really dark and only my car left there!
I felt really really lucky and safe with her car beside mine,
I dint think too far when I started to walk from swinburne!
Even though I just knew her for not long,
she was really a nice fren,
i feel the warmth...
Maybe she dint know that her action has caused much gan dong to me,
coz she did this to everyone else
and think that its normal thing to do.
I m very thankful to her and I think she is really a very special fren to me.
Hopefully one day she can do sth different...

If not because of her,
I think our group wont develop so fast and well,
she is like a collaborator among all of us,
making us feel free to talk and communicate better,
I think she really got very weird ideas,
but hopefully they will work out fine!

What I like most about her is the down to earth and open-minded characteristics,
makes everyone feel the sincerity in it,
which deeply impressed me.
Anyway there are always special people around us,
it is just a matter of how we discover them.
Treasure the ppl beside u~
Good luck!

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