Thursday, April 28, 2011

Away From Blog

Recently home line really down and unstable,
my desktop really cant online anymore...
Use mama's laptop only can online use wi-fi,
but super unstable!
Now want to update blog also no google pinyin to use~

Just now went to shop for contact lens,
back home very excited and tried!
That is big eye effect one,super weird i use!
N very difficult to put into my eyes too...

My grandma did a very cute n funny thing today...
I went to her room just now and kacau her...
Then she hold one of my arm and look at my face,
smiling with her eyes becoming a line (like mine la! haha)
then suddenly she start putting some pressure onto the middle part of my arm,
dunno u understand or not,
but its somewhat like tickling me...
i giggled and ask her to stop,
pulling my arms away from her...
she became so happy!
seems like excited to dicover that I even scare ppl kacau my hand...
FIrst time i saw her like this!
Cute grandma.. xP
I hope u can be with us until forever!
Even we have to take care of u n help u do all those jobs,
we r happy to see u happy...
U went through so many tough n difficult times to bring us to this state,
and we love u very much ^^
Hope Our God bless my "mama" live happily for very long time~

When I am away,
many things happened...
Ups and downs,
i think i will find some time to write out n arrange the stories when I m done with the assignments n final...
Tomoro got one presentation and I hope it will turn out to be fine~
GUd night everyone and have a nice rest ^^

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