Tuesday, May 10, 2011


After the Finance exam,
discussion sure got de,
ended up everyone's answer is different...
how come everyones' answer is different???
then the result n marks will be having huge difference also lo??
omg i m very nervous...
maybe jl's answer is correct...
dun care liao lo...
finish le dun wan think anymore...

SF said fast furious 5 very nice la!!!!
almost everyone watched it told me that its good movie...
i wan to go watch larrr!

At first I thought holiday will be very eng,
but i still got other things got to do...
my dear myvi was sent to hospital this morning lo~
finally can heal its wound... xP
start from now i need to share the car with my auntie...
hmm, not so convenient but its really good to make me dun run here n there so often...
i need to plan for my schedule nicely dy..

this holiday besides going to work,
i also wan to go swimming, watch movie watch 99,
go beach, go crocodile farm,
n most excited of all!!!!
is my korea trip!
no SF n close frens going along really no best la...
but i will still try to enjoy my best! ^^
wat i miss most about korea is the snow!
but we r going during summer time so no snow this time~
dun give us too hot pls~
later turn me into black beauty..

no specific topic to write today..
forgot to bring financial calculator with me this morning!
luckily got kevin...
even the lecturer din bring calculator,
but that kevin brought 2 financial calculators!
i think i m super duper lucky this time,
one financial calculator is about RM12x de,
why he get himself 2 of it??
very mei you dao li,
but thks to his weird habit,
i got financial calculator to use :D
m really grateful to him larrr...

owh, i rmb liao...
during our discussion after final,
me SF n JL start to touch on the topic- death.
SF said that if she were to die now,
she has get enough out of her life and she can die without regret already,
JL did not say very clearly but i guess he is not satisfied with now and he is still working very hard for his future...
me? i did not tell them... i really admire SF for being so fang de kai...
living up to this point,
i always feel that I m blessed and taken care by God well enough...
whenever there is anything cannot be solved,
in the end it is still solved,
n everytime I learn something,
I sometimes wonder over n over again,
these are the blessings come from my grandpa, grandma, n the good deeds done by my dad n mum,
the reasons why we can live like this,
not only materially,
but my dad n mum also teach me everything spiritually
i think death is scary,
but i think i will be happy to accept of course,
just like how i made that decision,
hard, but i noe it will come sooner or later;

some ppl feel alone easily,
feel unsecured n nervous easily,
but for me,
I always noe that my dad n mum is with me,
i still have my dear bro n sisters,
I wonder if my distance with God is caused by this or not.
why there is so much conflict with my religion n i cant figure out a proper reasoning for all these...
i m not God,
that is why I cant understand...
but i really love my dad n mum more than God how???
nvm, i still have plenty of time to think of this during long long holiday ^^"
gud nite lo...

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