Friday, May 27, 2011

My Second Sis

Today was a busy day...
Watching my sis sleeping in the car,
I feel a bit sorry for her,
she has been so hardworking and patient and obedient,
bearing the responsibilities all along the while,
seldom have the time and chance to relax herself...

That day I brought her back from her school,
and I helped her carry her bag,
the bag was so heavy!
omg she have to carry that everyday and she have no complain at all..
all of a sudden i felt a part missing from my life,
i missed quite a big part of a sister's role,
in my sis life...
how sad it is to suddenly realize that?

I have not been a sister who lends an ear to her secrets(though i wonder if she have any -.-"),
I have not been a sister who is caring and patient enough,
I have not been a sister who is guiding her through her teenage life,
I missed out many time to spend with her!

Just now she is just like a kid,
wondering wat clothes to bring to the trip,
then i told her to show me the clothes she chose,
she excitedly tried on the clothes and say many things,
(she is always quiet and do less talking)
i find this very cute!

She is not a attention demanding person,
just doing simple things everyday,
watching tv, helping my mum, attending classes, and sometimes play some fb games,
quiet until some ppl might forget about her existence,
i believe that she has a strong spirit,
a beautiful personality,
that not many ppl owns,
she is special in her own way...
God is going to bless u full full!

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