Sunday, May 01, 2011


Just watched this movie with my little frens...
Very very funny movie,
i like colors, different patterns, and how ppl relate n link stories creatively...
Avatar, Twilight i like, now RIO!
They all have sth in common...
dunno how to say but sure u feel it :D
Blu's gf sing very nice too.. hehe
This is the first time i feel the whole cinema ppl laughing together at several scenes...
so funny when Tulio starts the bike! LOL

today learnt how to read bible in my "Ding Feng" class.
I know a bit more about bible liao~
I like the way Ee Ling's mum teach,
interesting, fun n cute way...
Today also is my first time go up n take the "Sheng Can"
(1 piece of keropok n 1 glass of ribena)
hmm, weird feeling...
oh, the preaching today is very meaningful for me,
I wish I can type in Chinese now..
The duty (Shi3 Ming4) given to us,
we have to be always ready to accept those challenges,
with the courage and confidence to handle everything.
When we live in this fast changing world,
the critical element for us to survive and out perform others,
is to be always alert with the changes around us,
failing to do so means that u will be kicked out and forgotten by ppl...
It is soo true!
I always say I wan to change change change,
from time to time self reassessment is needed,
to see if we are still connected with the society or not..
THen only we noe what can be changed.

Met many old frens at The Spring,
Bao Qing n Chee Ya said I become slimmer :D
This pair of couple really is very sweet and I like them very much since studying Foundation!
Always happy to see them together n i believe they are one of the few most "en1 ai4" couple i have ever met...
Wish them all the best in their career n life~
Gary n Dennis said cant recognise me with my new hair~ xD
Good.. I wan some changes hehe...
Then still got Chen, Aida n Vivien them...
Shu Chan, Kowi, n Joel also~
Any weekend if feel bored can go The SPring walk walk,
dun believe u wont bump into anyone...

I wan to go buy RIO dvd!!!
Who wants to watch can borrow from me or we watch together :D

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