Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gunung Serapi Trip

A fun day!
Enjoyed this mountain climbing trip very much...

It was not very difficult-to-climb route,
we just walked up the mountain road,
Cement road lai de...
I like the cooling wind part,
usually around that time is hot but as we approach the mountain top its cold!
Just feel like we r in those four season countries~
Sometimes we see squirrels hop pass~
Some small, cute and black furry creatures,
if not someone points to me I also wont notice them~
other members saw different insects and creatures which I din managed to see~

Everyone is full of determination and very hyperactive!
N everyone reached the summit!
really big hurray for them!~

N omg today i become the "first first class!"

Anyway tomoro school reopens again and I am very excited!
I want to attend lectures,
I wan assignments,
I wan to study for finals!

I like my frens!
U r included!

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