Saturday, June 04, 2011

Let go-Kung Fu Panda 2

Yesterday watched this Kung Fu Panda 2,
reason is,
Rachel n Nemuel wanted to watch~

At first dint expect much,
i din even watch kung fu 1~
but the movie is really cute n funny~
its my cup of tea!
meaningful meaningful~

this part 2 says about how Po find the inner peace,
by thinking back the tragic childhood memory,
Po is a very cute panda!
He is stupid, but i like him!
never think too many about future,
one step at a time,
when he wanted to save his partners-the fast 5,
he just go for the rescue without next plan,
but everything turned out fine n smooth!
the last part is very artistic,
nice pose when they all jumped and shine like heroes
Po said in slow motion, "I... love... u... guys..." that part..
so funny la this cartoon~

the past is the past,
dun let the memory keep u away from ur bright future~
if u let go,
u will get more...
just like Po,
he was strangled by the fear and sadness of being left alone,
then the Peacock n wolves have the chance to attack him,
he also cannot find inner peace when he is unwilling to let go of the past,
in the end he let the memory flows,
slowly he relate everything back and conquered his fear,
he is not abandoned little panda,
he is loved and protected by his parents thats y he survived.

put it down, just as how u first take it,
memory is the best gift that God gives us,
what a difficult lesson to learn...
I m still learning it as well.
I promise myself,
I can let go of everything,
until i find my inner peace!
jia you la my frens!

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