Saturday, June 11, 2011


An interesting incident happened this afternoon,
when me n Stephanie were eating Toblerone chocolate,
She told me that she came across this triangle piece with the letter "T" and another side blank,
that was the second last piece she eat...
every Toblerone chocolate will have each letter on the triangle right?
"T" "O" "B" "L” “E" "R" "O” “N” “E”
Like this,
"guess how many chocolate triangles r they in a bar?"
we r having the 100g one.
she thought for a while and answer me,

its 12.
she dun believe and argue with me,
if the last of each row is blank,
and one of the sides there is 2 blank ones,
then sure the 9 letters must add with 3 extra ones,
become 12 mar...
she said," weird"
(dun believe me n go count the new bar =.=)
then only believe me...
this is my funny n cute sis... xD

i feel very happy!
this week is our cell group turn to do the jobs,
our group got new members :D
nice nice,
interesting ppl they are...
talking about the 成功观...
i choose the rich man one
(as the nearest illustration to success)
this is a more comfortable and active sharing session
very grateful to have the chance be the song lead tonight!
this is the first time and i think i might be a bit nervous,
and i sensed many mistakes i made,
sing also run out of tune...
i even forgot to give signal to ee ling several times
n did not give enough information to the audience :S
personally feel quite embarrassed to mess up the singing session!
i saw everyone else did it well in every gathering!
luckily i think not many ppl mind about my uneasiness,
they looked as if i m normal...
so in the end i can still sing naturally.
glad that i can have this chance to learn,
next time must be performing better yah!!!
hehe jia you~ ^^

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