Friday, July 15, 2011

3 Students Lecture

This is the first time i encountered this situation,
with only 3 students in a class!
Even though master course we have less students,
and this semester there are less people taking this subject,
i still find this situation very rare.
about the economics theory we talked about today
(actually din touch much on the lecture, footballs, prostitution, beers, nice places to travel, durians, and unimas are mainly the things we discussed in this 3 hours!!!)
we talked about public goods,
where government provide services for us,
without having to pay,
local uni, puplic toilets, general hospital, are some examples,
we do not pay or pay very little to enjoy the facilities,
how many really appreciate these privileges or make full use of them?
is there more marginal benefit over the marginal cost??
looking at us,
even paying huge amount of course fees,
we also do not value the lesson offered.
not saying i did not skip class before la,
i wonder what will the lecturer think,
will he reassess his teaching efficiency?
students skip classes because they found that MB is higher than MC?
so, meaning that going out to play or staying at home doing things else will compensate the hours stay in the lecture room?
does everyone make their decision based on this logic?
i think no gua~
instead i believe many people just make decision based on wat sparks in their mind during that time~
today we got lots of ojibala input of interesting topics and a committed discussions of the "issues".
the fewer people the more informal a class will be,
and i did enjoy the discussion!
this 3 students lesson will be very memorable for me in my students life~

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