Sunday, July 31, 2011


So thrilled to have my little sis back from NS!
I dun have to be alone anymore

So tired after whole day working...
n we went to Kuching Fest after the fellowship,
eat plenty after the Health Talk of Going Diet.

Everyone seems still enjoy very much there~
Durian 猫山王 seketul for RM88 will u buy it???
we did not buy but playing at there...
RM 15 for 4 biji small fruits...
This is expensive leh.
Anyway the durian puff is nice~
the ShiLin Yeshi de Fried Tempura(甜不辣) and Fried Chicken is nice!
and they said that the Riceball(饭团) taste nice too! only available at Food Fair every year.
Still got the Sabah special durian Ice cream.
Hehe, next time shud go back n try others.

Soooo sleepy dy...
Eyes half close typing here.
Today my phone bill overload again!
I have to settle this liao...
before mum find out this!

Gud nite and have a nice day tomoro!~

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